How Our Home or Office Pick-Up And Delivery System Works

Pick Up and Delivery

  1. We provide you with one or two A1 Dry Cleaning/Laundry bags depending
    upon how often you require pickups and deliveries.
  2. Each bag designated to your account receives a Name Tag. The tag will
    display your name and phone number only. The rest of the information is
  3. We designate the preferred Pick-up & Delivery days and discuss any
    special instructions where the driver is to pick-up the bag(s) and where
    to deliver the cleaned items.

    ** The following 'Schedules' gives the customer the ability to use the service twice per week if required..

    • Monday/Thursday Schedule - Any item(s) picked up on Monday will be delivered on Thursday. Any item(s) picked up on Thursday will be delivered on Monday.
    • Tuesday/Friday Schedule - Any item(s) picked up on Tuesday will be delivered on Friday. Any item(s) picked up on Friday will be delivered on Tuesday.
    • Additionally we can accommodate Week to Week pick-ups, ie.... Wednesday to Wednesday.
    • Also, you can schedule a pick-up just by calling our main location, our staff will make sure your items are picked up promptly.
  4. Simply place your items to be cleaned within the bag(s) and place in the agreed 'pick-up' location, our driver will do the rest.
  5. Your items will be returned protected in a thin film of poly, with your A1 bag, and an itemized invoice attached. We stand behind everything we clean for you. If you would like us to do something different to better suit your personal perferences, please let us know.
  6. Once per month you will receive a statement of your account. We
    accept checks or credit cards.
  7. Our 'Convenient Billing Option' involves us putting your credit card
    on file, we charge your card at the end of the month, we mail you a
    statement marked paid with your credit card receipt.

We do not lock our customers into contracts for the service we provide.
We pride ourselves on quality, timely service, and fair pricing.
If you are ever unhappy with the service we provide, please let us know
what we can do to improve

We are always looking for feedback on ways to
better serve our customers, please fill out the box below with any suggestions or comments.